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RayGen inks China deal to develop 500MW utility-scale CSPV, RenewEconomy. Sophie Vorrath Article Download PDF Link 22-06-2015
Wuxi Suntech closes R&D unit, Business Spectator, 25 August 2014 Article Article website 25-08-2014
"ARENA delivers first round of R&D funding", Sustainability Matters, 27 August 2014 Article Article website 27-08-2014
Point-contacting by Localised Dielectric breakdown, presentation at UNSW 20 February 2014 Western, Ned Presentation PP1 Silicon Cells Video 20-02-2014
Hybrid solar cell contact, National Phase, United States, 14/009669 Wenham, Stuart Ross , Mai, Ly Patent PP1 Silicon Cells 03-10-2013
Light-induced anodisation of silicon for solar cell passivation. Journal of Applied Physics, 114(18) Cui, J., Wang, X., Lennon, A., Opila, R. Journal paper PP1 Silicon Cells Journal web page 14-11-2013
24% Efficient Interdigitated Back Contact Solar Cell, 2014 Asia-Pacific Solar Research Conference, Sydney, 10-12 Dec. 2014 (Abstract only) ISBN:978-0-646-93569-0 Blakers, Andrew, Franklin, Evan, Fong, Kean, McIntosh, Keith, Fell, Andreas, Kho, Teng, Walter, Daniel, Wang, Da, Zin, Ngwe, Stocks, Matthew, Wang, Er-Chien, Grant, Nicholas, Wan, Yimao, Yang, Yang, Zhang, Xueling, Feng, Zhiqiang, Verlinden, Pierre J. Presentation PP1 Silicon Cells Abstract 22-12-2014
Ultrafast Carrier Dynamics in Methylammonium Lead Bromide Perovskite, The Journal of Physical Chemistry Part C: Nanomaterials and Interfaces, Vol. 120, Page 2542 - 2547 Deng, X., Wen, X., Huang, S., Sheng, R., Harada, T., Kee, T. W., Green, M., Ho-Baillie, A. Journal paper PP1 Silicon Cells Journal Website 18-02-2016
Thermal deactivation of lifetime- limiting grown-in point defects in n-type Czochralski silicon wafers, Physica Status Solidi (RRL) - Rapid Research Letters, Volume 7, Issue 9, Pages 616 - 618 Rougieux, F. E., Macdonald, D., Grant, N. E. Journal paper PP1 Silicon Cells Journal website 01-09-2013
Copper penetration in laser-doped selective-emitter silicon solar cells with plated nickel barrier layers, Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, Vol. 130, Pages 309-316 Shahla Flynn, Alison Lennon Journal paper PP1 Silicon Cells Journal Website 01-11-2014