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Update on the Australian PV Market and Implications for the Electricity Sector, presentation at UNSW 28 August 2014 Watt, Muriel Presentation PP5 Education, Training and Outreach Video 28-08-2014
Cost Analysis of Current PV Production and Strategy for Future Silicon PV Modules, presentation at UNSW 22 January 2014 Verlinden, Pierre Presentation PP4 Manufacturing Issues Video 22-01-2014
Demonstration of Silicon Solar Cell Voltage Increase via Limited Area Junction Approach, 2014 Asia-Pacific Solar Research Conference Teng, Peinan, An, Xinrui, To, Alexander, Mehrvarz, Hamid, Trupke, Thorsten, Barnett, Allen Presentation PP1 Silicon Cells Dropbox File 10-12-2014
Printable thin-film photovoltaics at CSIRO Watkins, Scott Presentation PP5 Education, Training and Outreach Video 10-12-2013
Sunswift Send Off Parade at UNSW, attended by about 2000 university students and staff UNSW Presentation PP5 Education, Training and Outreach 19-09-2013
Efficient Light Harvesting of Luminescent Solar Concentrators using Aggregation-Induced Emission Chromophores, 2014 Asia-Pacific Solar Research Conference, Sydney, December, 2014 Banal, J. L. Presentation PP3 Optics and Characterisation website 01-12-2014
Photovoltaics: Past, Present and Future, Baosteel lecture, Shanghai, China, 30 April 2015 Martin Green Presentation PP1 Silicon Cells 30-04-2015
Photovoltaics Education & Research and Commercialisation at UNSW, Inaugural Conference Sydney & Beijing 2013, Australia China Trade & Investment, The Star, Sydney, 30 August 2013 Corkish, Richard Presentation PP5 Education, Training and Outreach Download PDF Conference webpage 30-08-2013
Silicon material requirements for high efficiency solar cells, seminar at UNSW 22 April 2015 Coletti, G. Presentation PP1 Silicon Cells 22-04-2015
Low temperature anodically grown silicon dioxide films, presentation at UNSW 9 May 2013 Grant, Nicholas Presentation PP1 Silicon Cells Video 09-05-2014