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PV Factory, interactive simulation of manufacture of PV cells Abbott, Malcolm, McIntosh, Keith, Lennon, Alison Research Training Tools PP5 Education, Training and Outreach PV Factory free login page 11-01-2015
Anodic oxide rear contact schemes for silicon solar cells, presentation at UNSW 18 December 2014 Cui, Jie Presentation PP1 Silicon Cells 18-12-2014
Citizen’s Climate Lobby - using democracy to address climate change, presentation at UNSW 20 March 2015 Mitchell, R. Presentation PP5 Education, Training and Outreach Public Research Seminars 20-03-2015
Printing flexible solar panels Watkins, Scott Presentation PP5 Education, Training and Outreach Audio streaming 30-05-2013
Sunswift: Public display of the car in Leichardt after the World Solar Challenge, attended by approx. 300. UNSW Presentation PP5 Education, Training and Outreach 26-10-2013
"Emerging Solar Cell Research at University of New South Wales", Keynote, 2nd World Emerging Industries Summit, Wuhan, China 21-22 November 2013 Corkish, Richard Presentation PP5 Education, Training and Outreach Download PDF 21-11-2013
Photovoltaics: Past, Present and Future, Baosteel lecture, Shanghai, China, 30 April 2015 Martin Green Presentation PP1 Silicon Cells 30-04-2015
Amphiphilic Block Copolymers as Organic Photovoltaic Materials, 2014 Asia-Pacific Solar Research Conference, Sydney, December, 2014 Mitchell, V. D. Presentation PP2 Organic and Earth-Abundant Inorganic Thin-Film Cells website 01-12-2014
Evolution of High Efficiency Silicon Solar Cell Design 2, presentation at UNSW 2 May 2013 Green, Martin Presentation PP1 Silicon Cells Video 02-05-2013
PV technology, performance and cost: current state and future perspectives for Asia Pacific, Renewable Energy Asia Conference 2013, Bangkok, 5-9 June 2013 Green, M. A. Presentation PP4 Manufacturing Issues Download PDF 05-06-2013