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Printing of hybrid solar cells, The 5th Australia-China Conference on Science, Technology and Education, Wollongong Cheng, Yi-Bing Conference website 21-07-2014
Sunswift: presentation to NSW Transport Working Group Seminar for Systems Engineering Society of Australia (SESA) and International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE). Audience: About 100 engineering professionals and students UNSW PP5 Education, Training and Outreach Facebook Event 13-08-2013
Optimisation of Plasmonic Back Reflectors for Ultra-Thin Crystalline Silicon Photovoltaics, 31st EU PVSEC, September 14-18, 2015, Hamburg, Germany Chang, Y., Payne, D.N.R., Pollard, M.E., Bagnall, D.M. PP2 Organic and Earth-Abundant Inorganic Thin-Film Cells Conference Website 14-09-2015
Design and Characterization of an Adhesion Strength Tester for Evaluating Metal Contacts on Silicon Solar Cells, 40th IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference, Denver, June 2014(Conference poster prize winner) Young, Trevor L. , Hee, Kenneth , Lennon, Alison J. , Egan, Renate J. , Wilkie, Oscar , Yao, Yu PP1 Silicon Cells Conference Website 12-06-2014
"Impact of Dimerization on Phase Separation and Crystallinity in Bulk Heterojunction Films Containing Non-Fullerene Acceptors", Macromolecules, Vol. 49(12), pp. 4404−4415, 2016 Stoltzfus, D., , Clulow, A.J., , Jin, H., , Burn, P.L., , Gentle, I.R., PP2 Organic and Earth-Abundant Inorganic Thin-Film Cells 20-11-2016
Dislocation Density Reduction of Ge Epitaxy on Si, MRS Spring Symposium, San Francisco April 2014 Liu, Ziheng, Hao, Xiaojing, Ho-Baillie, Anita, Green, Martin A. PP1 Silicon Cells Conference paper 23-04-2014
Powered Paint - Nanotech Solar Ink, presentation at UNSW 19 August 2014 Korgel, Brian PP2 Organic and Earth-Abundant Inorganic Thin-Film Cells Video 19-08-2014
Application of Anodic Aluminium Oxides for Silicon Solar Cell Passivation and Metallisation, presentation at UNSW 15 August 2014 Lu, Doris PP1 Silicon Cells Video 15-08-2014
Team of students from UNSW close to creating Australia’s first road legal solar sports car, Technology, Dunn, M. PP5 Education, Training and Outreach Website 06-05-2015
Interview with Bernhard Mitchell, Research Fellow in Photovoltaics, University of New South Wales, FM Radio, Radio Adelaide Des Lawrence PP5 Education, Training and Outreach 01-02-2015