New, certified, record efficiencies for perovskite solar celis

The UNSW node of ACAP announced at the  Asia-Pacific Solar Research Conference in Canberra on 1-2 December that the team has achieved the highest efficiency rating with the largest perovskite solar cells to date.

The 12.1% efficiency rating was for a 16 square cm perovskite solar cell, with the highest certified conversion efficiency for such a large single perovskite photovoltaic cell. I was independently certified by the international testing centre, Newport Corp. The new cell is at least 10 times bigger than the current certified high-efficiency perovskite solar cells on record.

The team has also achieved an 18% efficiency rating on a 1.2 square cm single perovskite cell, and 11.5% for a  16 square cm four-cell perovskite mini-module, both independently certified by Newport.

For more information see the UNSW news release.